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Click For Video: How to Request Counseling and Work/Life Services

How to Request Counseling and Work/Life Services

Use the Request Services button in the top navigation menu to securely request short-term counseling services or non-counseling work/life services, like eldercare resources, financial services and legal referrals.

Click For Video: Using the Immediate Access Bar

Using the Immediate Access Bar

Learn how the Immediate Access Bar provides convenient, immediate access to online service requests.

Click For Video: Exploring Your Navigation Options

Exploring Your Navigation Options

View this tutorial for a demonstration of the convenient menu navigation options built in to the CONCERN website.

Click For Video: Get a Quote

Get a Quote

See how potential customers and benefits consultants interested in CONCERN services can request more information with a few simple clicks.

Click For Video: The Why Concern Page

For Potential Customers: The Why Concern Page

See how potential customers, and others wanting to learn more about CONCERN: EAP, can review helpful background information and statistics through the Why Concern page

Click For Video: Explore the Services Page

Explore the Services Page

View this tutorial to learn about our many service offerings, and how to engage them for yourself and your company.

Click For Video: Unlock the Power of Our Resource Library

Unlock the Power of Our Resource Library

Discover the robust resources available to you through the CONCERN website, and see how your single log-in opens the door to our library of sortable content.

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