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Prenatal, Child Care, and Family

Having a baby is one of life’s most joyous—and overwhelming events. CONCERN: EAP covers all phases, from pre-natal preparation through the transition back to work, providing parents and their families with personalized guidance and comprehensive support.

We’ll connect you with agencies that specialize in prenatal planning, adoption, childcare, lactation support, and expert care for dependents with special needs. You can also schedule free and confidential individual and family counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional.

We’re here to make this journey as easy as possible—for you, your baby, and your budget.

Our service can help:

  • Prepare for parenthood
  • Equip you with resources after the big day
  • Find the best care for your child
  • Guide you to family counseling services
  • Access online resources on our website

You can download the Prenatal, Child Care, and Family Service Overview for more information.

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