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2017 Upcoming Webinars

LifeAdviser Live Webinar Series

2017 Upcoming Webinars

Our live webinar series is like getting a little higher-education in the comfort of your own chair. Each month features a different and engaging 45 to 50 minute presentation and Q&A—led by a subject matter expert—designed to enrich and enlighten.

LifeAdviser live webinars cover everything from parenting and relationships, to communication and professional growth. Find an upcoming webinar that interests you? Click the "Register" button below the description to be registered for the event.

Surviving and Enjoying the Six Stages of Parenthood

October 17, 2017

In this session we will examine, not child, but parental development from the prenatal phase through the empty nest, or departure phase, combining the human development theories of Freud and Erikson with concrete, contemporary insights from the book, "The Six Stages of Parenting".

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Elder Law Basics

November 21, 2017

Estate and long-term care planning are imperative to ensure a smooth transition into the later part of your life. We will discuss what Elder Law encompasses and how an Elder Law attorney can help you as you age. The discussion will focus on estate documents such as powers of attorney, healthcare directives, living wills, wills and trusts and will discuss long-term care planning including the different programs and planning available to help with the costs of long-term care and protecting your assets for your loved ones.

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Emotional Composure - Remaining Unruffled & Dynamic Under Stress

December 19, 2017

Emotions are a healthy part of the human experience. Acknowledging emotions and understanding your personal stress style is the first step in beginning to control them. In this session, we will discuss a selection of customary stressors as well as techniques for exercising control over them.

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