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Minute Movement Patterns May Be New Biomarker for Autism

Emerging research provides the strongest evidence yet that nearly imperceptible changes in how people move can be used to diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. Researchers at Indiana University (IU) and […]

Why It’s So Hard to Walk Away from Difficult People

Do you have a difficult person in your life? Do you feel like it’s hard to just “cut the cord” and move on? A new study published in the journal […]

Difficult to Let Go of Past Work Commitments

New research finds that work commitments somehow become ingrained in our mind influencing our actions long into the future. A new study finds that while these effects could be positive […]

Does Threat of Climate Change Affect Mental Health

Many people believe climate change is the driving force behind extreme weather events, be it unprecedented flooding, wildfires, or hurricanes. Historically, the threat of being directly impacted by these events […]

Survey Finds Depression, Burnout Common Among MDs in US

A new Medscape report finds that nearly two-thirds of U.S. physicians feel burned out, depressed, or both, with higher rates reported among women and mid-career physicians. Based on the responses […]

Cognitive Training for Some Older Adults May Improve Memory

A new Canadian study finds that older adults with mild cognitive impairment were able to significantly improve memory with a specific cognitive training program. The research appears in the Journal […]

Collaboration Can Be Enhanced with Simple Measures

New research finds the key to getting people to work together effectively could be as simple as giving them the flexibility to choose their collaborators and the comfort of working […]

Study Finds Violent Video Games Do Not Make Adults More Violent

U.K. researchers say they have found no evidence to support the theory that video games make players more violent (at least among adults). This topic has been debated for over […]

Bilingualism May Aid Autistic Children

New research suggests being bilingual may help a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) shift task, a skill that is often difficult for kids with autism. Canadian researchers said the […]

TV Ads May Induce Kids to Binge on Junk Food

Researchers have discovered that teenagers who watch more than three hours of commercial TV a day are more likely to eat hundreds of extra junk food snacks. UK investigators found […]
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