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Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Baffles Medical Experts While Frightening Parents

Federal health officials are investigating 127 cases of the disease, called acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM.

Viewpoints: Medicaid Director Is Perfect Fit For Trump Administration; Lessons On Costs Of Being Seriously Ill

Editorial pages focus on these health care topics and others.

Perspectives: Is Requiring Pharma to Include Prices In Ads Long Overdue Or Is It Ineffective?

Read recent commentaries about the Trump administration's plan to require companies to include medications' prices in their ads, along with other drug-cost issues.

One Option States Are Pursuing To Lower Drug Costs: Treat Pharma Like A Public Utility

News outlets report on stories related to pharmaceutical pricing.

State Highlights: Six Days After Landfall, Hurricane Michael’s Death Toll Mounts; California Claims Judge Who Rules On Coffee Cancer Warning Is Biased

Media outlets report on news from Florida, California, Louisiana, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

As Public Concern Over Zika Eases In U.S., Efforts To Find Tests, Treatments For Dangerous Virus Stall

The inability to provide quick, inexpensive tests to diagnose the virus is hindering efforts in Angola to track the disease that can cause severe disabilities in babies, health experts say. In other news on Zika, mothers in Brazil give around-the-clock care for their disabled children.

Scientists Acknowledge Genetic Research Needs To Be Presented With ‘Great Care’ In Racially Charged Landscape

Geneticists are alarmed that their research is being misinterpreted by white supremacy groups. “Studying human genetic diversity is easier in a society where diversity is clearly valued and celebrated — right now, that is very much on my mind,” said John Novembre, a University of Chicago evolutionary biologist. In other public health news: brain science, obesity, concussions, mental health, surgery centers and more.

Safety Concerns And Heavy Stigma Among Reasons Domestic Violence Awareness Hasn’t Caught Fire Like #MeToo

Experts talk about why there isn't as much public support when survivors talk about why they stayed as there is for women sharing their sexual harassment and abuse stories. Part of the reason, other than safety and stigma, is that while #MeToo exemplifies the strength of multiple accusations, domestic violence survivors are often the lone voice speaking up about their individual experience.

Spike In Fentanyl-Related Deaths Has States Scrambling For Better Treatment Options, Not Just Penalties For Dealers

Active drug users are at a greater risk of dying than ever before because of fentanyl, and the illicit drug is not going away, according to Jay Butler, an Alaskan health official. Other news on the opioid epidemic focuses on rural American attitudes, newborns, life-saving naloxone and more.

Company That Wants To Sell Medicare Advantage Plans Raises Additional $300M In Venture Capital Funding

The company, Devoted Health, was founded last year by Todd Park, a former chief technology officer for the Obama administration, and Ed Park, a former Athenahealth executive. In other health industry news: the ripple effects of Anthem's privacy breach settlement; UnitedHealth earnings projections; and Catholic Health Initiatives' merger with Dignity Health
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