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Viewpoints: Reasons For Health Taxes On Soda; Weighing The Pros And Cons Of New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Opinion writers and medical experts from around the country express views on a number of health care issues.

Research Roundup: CHIP, Medicaid And High-Needs Patients

Here is a selection of news coverage of other recent research:

State Highlights: Mass.’s Largest Insurers Dropped By State’s Group Health Insurance Commission; In Phoenix, Program Taps Taxis To Take 911 Calls

Media outlets report on news from Massachusetts, Arizona, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Louisiana and California.

N.H. Bill Introduced To Address School Nurse Shortage By Easing Certification Requirements

Meanwhile, in the news from other capitols around the country, the California Nurses Association stormed the state house Thursday to demonstrate in support of single-payer health care and Iowa's senate approves a measure to lighten the penalty for first-time possession of small amounts of marijuana.

A $500 Non-Invasive Blood Test Could Detect 8 Types Of Cancers — But It’s A Long Way Off

But scientists are excited about the possibilities offered by the test, which could offer a diagnosis even before symptoms start showing.

With Older Women Having Babies, Scientists See Glimmer Of Hope Amid Distressing Fertility Rates

The country's fertility rates are at a record low, which has serious consequences for the U.S.'s future, but more women in their 40s are now mothers. In other public health news: the brain and exercise, tobacco, ADHD drugs, medical research, liquid biopsies and more.

The Facts Beneath The Hyperbole: Flu Strain Is Definitely Vicious But Not Uniquely Lethal Or New

The New York Times offers some answers about this season's flu virus. Media outlets report on related news out of New York, Missouri, Kansas, California and Arizona, as well.

Letter From Democratic Senators Warns That Work Requirements For Medicaid May Not Be Legal

The letter, drafted by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said work requirements "contradict the plain text and purpose" of the Medicaid statute. In other Medicaid news, Colorado makes no progress on getting people with developmental disabilities off the waiting list for services, Rhode Island's governor proposes cuts that includes a freeze in reimbursement rates for hospitals and other news from Arizona and Alaska.

Experts Applaud Hospitals’ Gumption In Producing Own Drugs, But Question If It Will Make A Difference

"While it is an intriguing business opportunity, it is not without risks since it isn't cheap to become a manufacturer and generic competition is harsh," says Scott Knoer, Cleveland Clinic's chief pharmacy officer.

How Once ‘Pro-Choice’ Trump Has Given Anti-Abortion Movement Most Optimism In A Decade

President Donald Trump will on Friday address the March for Life activists, in a sign of how much he's moved on the issue. Before running for office, Trump once described himself as pro-choice, and often seems uncomfortable discussing the issue. Yet in his first year Trump secured major victories for the movement, including the latest in which his administration created a religious freedom division at the Department of Health and Human Services.
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