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Listen: ‘Death Certificate Project’ Aims At Opioid Crisis, But Doctors Cry Foul

A radio report on an effort in California to hold doctors responsible when a patient overdoses on opioids. Doctors say it is unfair, but the state medical board defends the new project.

Viewpoints: Why Is There Still So Much Inequity In Cancer Research?; Shutdown Hurts Health Of Millions

Editorial pages focus on these health issues and others.

Different Takes: Newsom’s Ideas On Health Care Reform Are Big Step Forward; NYC Care Is Nothing But A Fairy Tale

Opinion writers express views about health care reforms.

State Highlights: NYC Mayor Taps City’s Workers To Help Enroll Uninsured; Measles Outbreak In Oregon Anti-Vaccination ‘Hot Spot’ Escalates

Media outlets report on news from New York, Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and New Hampshire.

By Revamping Device Therapy, Tech Companies See New Hope For Trimming Reliance On Opioids

Neuromodulation, which started appearing in the 1960s, works when electricity interrupts pain signals carried to the brain, providing relief to patients. But costs make them impractical for everyone and there are risks involved. In other news on the opioid crisis: Boston's mayor examines needle exchange programs; Ohio aims to lower HIV rates; Texas website focuses on education; and California doctors cry foul on probe.

Scaling Back On Foods, Drinks With Added Sugars Can Reduce Fatty Liver In Millions Of Overweight Children

Added sugars, typically high in fructose, aren't discouraged in current health guidelines and can lead to obesity. Other public health news looks at liver disease causes, definitions of toxic masculinity, new insights into MS, a report on black lung disease, benefits of insta-workouts, educating future doctors about LBGTQ issues, protection from Zika and more.

Maine Governor Rejects Medicaid Work Requirements, Saying Mandates Would Be ‘Problematic’

“We believe that the likely result of this 1115 demonstration would leave more Maine people uninsured without improving their participation in the workforce," Gov. Janet Mills said. The work requirements had been sought by Mills' predecessor Republican Gov. Paul LePage and were approved just days before he left office. Medicaid news comes out of Georgia and Florida, as well.

‘Significant Progress’ Has Been Made At VA Hospitals As Wait Times Are Shorter Than Private Sector, JAMA Study Finds

In sharp contrast to 2014, mean wait times in 2017 at VA hospitals had gone down to 17.7 days, while rising to 29.8 for private practitioners. In other news on veterans affairs, two U.S. senators seek answers on a veteran's death in Missouri.

State Judge Strikes Down Iowa’s ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Law As Unconstitutional

The legislation that would have outlawed abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat was detected -- which is usually at six weeks, often before a woman even realizes she's pregnant -- would have been the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the nation. Meanwhile, in New York, lawmakers pass legislation expanding women's access to abortions in the state.

Big Jump In Prescription Drug Sales Propels Johnson & Johnson To Strong Fourth-Quarter

But Johnson & Johnson said it expects its sales growth to slow in 2019. Meanwhile, the company has agreed to pay $120 million to resolve claims over deceptive marketing.
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