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The Importance of Choosing the Right EAP

An effective EAP must provide a broad range of services and actively engage management and employees to participate in the program.

The right EAP not only provides employees and management with a wide range of personal and work-related services, it also actively engages participation in the program.   Some companies offer internal EAP resources, while others engage the services of an external provider, such as CONCERN: EAP.

CONCERN is a standalone EAP, meaning that we focus exclusively on the delivery of quality EAP services.  We provide comprehensive, personalized, and easily accessible services and clinical support to employees and their dependents, as well as consultation with management and leadership on workplace issues impacting employee, organizational, and management health and performance.   

The right EAP plays an important role in motivating and supporting employees to improve resilience, achieve personal well-being, and reduce stress before it impacts health and productivity.  When evaluating an EAP, consider: 

  • Level of response: mechanized or automated service vs. service from real people
  • Breadth of services and programs offered
  • Methods and levels of counseling accessibility
  • Approach to engaging and encouraging employee participation

An effective EAP will stay a step ahead of organizational challenges, adapt to evolving business objectives, and respond to specific employee and company needs.

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